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The current nominations for the openEHR Foundation Management Board are: 

 Individual Members

The following members have nominated for the Management Board and will be voted for by individual members.

  • Silje Ljosland Bakke, Norway

An informatician as well as a registered nurse, I work as an archetype governance coordinator for National ICT Norway. My interests are functional and interoperable clinical systems and registries, and the data modelling and governance, both nationally and internationally, required to achieve this goal. I'm also interested in working on the licensing for openEHR specifications and artefacts to balance support for collaborative work and widespread industry use. 

  • Shinji Kobayashi, Japan

A haematologist and academic health informatician who has built the open source Ruby implementation and has been promoting the openEHR method in the Asian region.

I launched at 2007 and will make NPO to propagate openEHR activity in Japan in this early 2015. I had twice seminar about openEHR project in Manila and have had seminars twice per year in this 3 years. Thus, I have also engaged in localisation program on openEHR project.

There are many local activity of openEHR projects, but the relationship between openEHR foundation and such activity has not established yet. Against skeptism and negative campaign for us, the openEHR foundation needs to endorse adequate community as genuine branch with valid criteria.

I will drive and promote localisation program to outreach openEHR project.

  • Koray Atalag, New Zealand
Background in Medicine and Information Systems and have been involved in openEHR since 2001 - I've been 'breathing' openEHR ever since! Currently Localisation Program leader and also involved in other programs' activities. I'm pretty well connected with the community and have the strong desire and now time and other resources to contribute more to openEHR and take it to the next stage. So instead of complaining about the Foundation I'm actually standing up to be given a chance to take responsibility and move openEHR community forward. Currently based at the University of Auckland in New Zealand with a joint appointment with Auckland Bioengineering Institute and National Institute for Health Innovation. Running multiple openEHR projects and either lead or take part in key national organisations responsible for health information and health IT. I'm particularly interested in using openEHR as the semantic platform for health research and analytics. Also serving as vice-chair of HL7 New Zealand and have strong links to the emerging FHIR development group. My goal is to align both formalisms as early and as much as possible. I can see they will need to complement each other for wide-spread and sustainable adoption.
  • Diego Bosca Tomas, Spain

I'm a computer scientist in a clinicians world. I have been using openEHR for almost 10 years from different perspectives, from knowledge management to data integration. I've been involved in the professional training of master students in practical use cases of semantic interoperability using openEHR and ISO13606 archetypes. I'm currently part of openEHR program committee.
I believe that we have to 'sell' openEHR better to the world, starting with what archetypes can provide even for currently available systems. I think we must be truly open and combine efforts with other approaches and standards to really move forward.
I really believe that a Spanish/Portuguese speaking member is needed to allow openEHR to benefit of all the opportunities currently taking place in South America.

  • Ian McNicoll, United Kingdom   

A former Scottish GP, I have been involved in healthcare informatics for nearly 30 years, working with and promoting openEHR technologies for the last 8 years, initially through my role in Ocean Informatics and latterly as an independent consultant and the HandiHealth organisation. Currently my main focus is the HANDI-HOPD platform, with openEHR at its core, recently adopted by NHS England as a key part of their Code4Health initiative.
As a member of the current openEHR Foundation Board, I am very aware of the pressures on any not-for-profit organisation which makes all of its specifications and resources completely free to use, with commercially-friendly open source licensing.
After a tough transitional period, we are now seeing a significant resurgence in interest in openEHR at both national and industry level, with commensurate practical support.
This should provide the new Board with more resource to promote openEHR, but I believe that much of the practical work which remains to be done must continue to be self-sustaining and strongly community- and industry-led. The role of the Board should be limited to providing promotion, communications and oversight of these devolved activities.

  • Ricardo Puttini, Brazil
I have been working as a major consultant of Brazilian Government for the establishment of the National EHR program. OpenEHR is the official direction for health information exchange in Brazil, since publication of the Ministerial Act 2073/2011. The distinguish characteristic of the Brazilian EHR program is a model for implementing EHR based on use cases with identified business value. I have lead the development of this strategy and have followed its development since 2011. I have also lead the consulting team that was responsible for planning the SNOMED-CT (w/ OpenEHR) and the National Clinic Terminology Release Center, which will also drive OpenEHR models for national-wide usage. I have implemented the local deployment of CKM (Ocean Informatics) as the National repository for clinic knowledge artifacts, which include OpenEHR archetypes and templates, as well as terminology ref sets. I hold a PhD in Electrical Engineering (2004) and have 15+ years as government IT consultant (C-level), with specialization in health informatics. I have a permanent position as associate professor at the University of Brasilia, where I currently supervise several graduate students working in health informatics. Recently, I published a book on Cloud Computing ( – cloud-based EMR and EHR systems are also on my research field. My intent is to foster OpenEHR adoption in Brazil and share our experience on national-wide EHR development efforts, based on the OpenEHR model.
  • Gunnar Klein, Sweden
I am a professor of Informatics/eHealth at Örebro University in Sweden. I have been involved in IT for health for 40 years, in different roles, as a medical researcher, a physician, a systems developer and entrepreneur in small and medium sized companies and finally working for academia. I have had a special interest for semantic international interoperability and have been working for openEHR since early 2000 and I have had interesting roles in leading formal standardization. e.g. chairman of CEN/TC 251 1997-2006, Founder of ISO/TC 215, head of delegation and leader of its security work for six years. Chairman of the first attempt to organize co-operation between the seven major international bodies and WHO in the eHealth Standardization Co-ordination Group. I have extensive experience from multinational heatlh informatics R&D projects in Europe.

I believe my insights into managing international co-operation for interoperability could be important in the management board combining experience from industry, academia and health care users. I am presently building a competency group on archetypes and working closely with five health care regions in Sweden preparing for the next generation EHR systems.


Industry Partners

The following members have been nominated for the Management Board and will be voted for by the Industry Partners.

  • Tomaz Gornik of Marand, Slovenia
    • Company co-founder, director and experienced manager of teams building world-class software products for more than 20 years
    • Proven track record delivering innovative turn-key solutions for large clients in telecommunications, finance and healthcare
    • Always challenging teams to build better software using state-of-the-art technology, architectures and processes
    • Understanding of software platforms, architecture, deployment and business models
    • Speaker at conferences including TeleManagement Forum, HIMSS and Health 2.0
  • Rong Chen of Cambio, Sweden

    MD PhD, is the Chief Medical Informatics Officer and the head of Medical Informatics Group at Cambio Healthcare Systems, Sweden. He’s responsible for the research and development in clinical decision support and knowledge management at Cambio. Rong holds a PhD degree in health informatics on the subject of EHR semantic interoperability from Linköping University, Sweden. He is an associated researcher at the Health Informatics Centre at Karolinska Institutet, where he lectures and supervises PhD and master students. Rong has contributed to several core openEHR design specifications, and has for many years led the openEHR Reference Java Implementation of openEHR. Rong is the lead author of Guideline Definition Language (GDL), which is designed to express clinical logic for scalable decision support with openEHR underpinning.

    Semantic technologies are great enablers in developing next generation EHRs and advanced clinical applications such as decision support systems that could potentially improve patient safety and treatment efficacy. Vendor engagement through joint development of software tools, sharing reusable clinical models and establishing a thriving openEHR community is critical for the next phase of openEHR Foundation. I wish my experience from both industry and academia could contribute to wide adoption of openEHR in the field in the coming years.

  • Martin van der Meer of Code24, Netherlands

I have a bachelor degree in computer science and working for 27 years in health care IT, has given me a good vision about the changes needed in health care IT. openEHR is to my believe the pathway to a better health care IT environment. With strong passion and dedication me and my colleagues of Code24 have proven the fact that openEHR is working in practice and multiple health care organisations now see the real power of openEHR. openEHR is growing and needs to adapt itself accordingly, for this I offer my experience, knowledge and skills to bring openEHR to the next level of maturity.


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