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Announcing new openEHR Foundation Management Board Members

Individual members and Industry Partners have voted for 2-positions on the openEHR Management Board and we now have two new elected members, as confirmed by our returning officers Thomas Beale and Jill Riley.

The candidates elected and joining the Management Board are:

Individual Members: Xudong Lu, China

Industry Partners: Bjorn Naess, DIPS, Norway

Many congratulations to the successful candidates and many thanks to those who were unsuccessful on this occasion - it was heartening to see a healthy contested election with a good turnout.

Thank you to outgoing Management Board Members

We also take this opportunity to thank the outgoing Management Board members, Dr Koray Atalag and Dr Rong Chen, not only for their contribution to the Board but to their long and continued service to the openEHR community.

Dr Ian McNicoll, Co-chair openEHR Management Board

Prof David Ingram, President openEHR Foundation

July 2018

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