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Steps to an elected Management Board and new Constitution

11 Jan 2015 3:06 AM | Sam Heard (Administrator)

As part of the transition to a new elected Management Board and revised Constitution,  the Interim Board of the openEHR Foundation has instituted registered openEHR membership managed via the site, offering ...

1) Individual Membership 

2) Industry Partner Membership 

both renewed annually.

These changes will strengthen leadership within the openEHR community and allow Individual Members and Industry Partners to establish formal collaborative arrangements and representation on a new Management Board. 

Registered Membership represents a means by which interested parties may become actively involved in formal Foundation activities but all Foundation specifications, software and other intellectual property remain openly available, at no cost, under commercially permissive, open-source licenses as before.

Further details of the new membership arrangements can be found at and may register here if you have not done so already.

Revised Governance arrangements

Under the new arrangements, the current Interim Board will become the Board of Governors (with a reduced number of members) and be concerned primarily with the fiduciary duties of the openEHR Foundation as it relates to Companies House in the UK. 

A new Management Board will take on the operational concerns of the Foundation and seek to maximise participation, publicity and collective benefit to all. 

Management Board structure

One position will be appointed by the Board of Governors.

Two positions will be voted for by Individual Members.

Two positions will be voted for by Industry Partners. 

Three further positions may be appointed by the Management Board to ensure appropriate skills mix and representation from the wider openEHR community.

Roadmap towards establishment of the new Management Board

1:  Call for nominations for elected positions (28 Nov 2014 to 31 Jan 2015)

The call for nominations for the 4 elected Management Board positions; 

Nominees are asked to:

  • sign up as an Individual Member of the Foundation
  • provide the name of a current Individual or Industry Partner Member who will support their nomination. This is intended purely to discourage frivolous nominations and members may support multiple nominations if they wish.
  • choose whether they wish to be nominated to be elected to an Individual Member or Industry Partner position.
  • provide a brief bio and position statement.

The list of current nominees and position statements is posted here, will be circulated to the lists on a weekly basis and re-posted on the main website. 

2: Election period (1 Feb 2015 to 28 Feb 2015)

At  the onset of the election period, nominees  will be offered the opportunity to pass, via the Interim Board Chair,  a single position statement for publication on the openehr-announce list. The text should not be greater than 500 words. 

Any questions raised by community members in response to these statements should be answered via the  openehr-technical and openehr-clinical lists. 

Voting will take place by email over a four week period from 1st February to the 28th February 2015. 

Each registered Individual Member will be asked to vote for up to two candidates who have nominated to represent Individual Members, expressing a first and second preference.

Each registered Industry Member (company) will be asked to vote for up to two candidates who have nominated to represent Industry Members, expressing a first and second preference.

After the election is closed, the votes will be counted by three members of the current interim Board and a tally agreed. In the event of a tie, (and only in the event of a tie) the second preferences of each voter will be taken into account. 

The result will be communicated to registered members by the 3rd of March 2015.

Once the new Management Board positions have been accepted and confirmed, the results will be announced to the full community via the openEHR lists and main website.

3: Transitional arrangements leading to full Establishment (3 March 2015 onwards for approx. two months)

The new Management Board will hold meetings on a monthly basis.

The current Chair of the Interim Board will act as the new Board of Governors appointee on the new Management Board, and act as a Temporary Chair for the first two meetings of the new Management Board. 

By the end of the second meeting the Management Board will have acted to appoint a formal, ongoing Chair and have co-opted additional members as it sees fit.

4: Constitutional Review (early 2015)

The new Chair of the Management Board will call an openEHR Foundation constitutional meeting at a time suitable to the Management Board. This group will set the ongoing constitution of the openEHR Foundation in line with our mission.

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