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Why be a member?

We rely on community, Industry and Organisational members for governance and financial independence.

Membership funds are used to develop the openEHR Technical Specifications, Clinical Archetypes and Templates for use throughout the world, support open-source software, provide the website and core services.  

Why become an Industry Partner?
openEHR Industry Partners are the key collaborators taking openEHR forward as a comprehensive, portable and language independent EHR solution to support quality health software around the world.

Partnership entitles your company to:

  • nominate and vote for two Board Members for a period of 2-years
  • receive updates on openEHR news, meetings and events
  • participate in collaborative activities agreed by Industry Partners
  • shape the accreditation process for developers and software providers
  • develop and test the openEHR 'In Vivo' API for software integration
  • add to the openEHR website Forums and News

Why become an Organisational Partner?

Aimed at official bodies at any level of Government providing or supporting public health care. Public sector, jurisdictional organisations such as ministries of health, regional health authorities, research institutions, or other organisations who are using openEHR and wish to support the openEHR vision and mission.

An annual fee is payable at a banded level determinded by openEHR International, and membership entitles your organisation to:

  • collectively elect two Board Members
  • nominate or be nominated for Board positions
  • visibility on website with right to post news and events
  • contribute to training accreditation / certification process
  • help prioritise clinical model requests for change
  • join program project groups and committee
  • specify that up to 70% of fees paid may be directed specifically to the clinical modelling program

Become a member

Join and contribute to the global effort to share coherent electronic health records in an open, safe and effective manner. 

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Contact comms@openehr.org for more information

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